Robbert Weide

The bases for my work are the phenomena that surround me in this world. Mass media, social structures, globalization and nature (such as advertising, trends, human behavior, rain, wind, Ikea), are used as starting points.
In the way people / society address to these phenomena, lie patterns and trends, which are the core of my art practice.

Through examining these influential - and in my view sometimes disturbing patterns - I recreate and decompose the phenomena in order to take them out of their normal context. In zooming in to details of these broad issues, I create small worlds that refer to this broader perspective. Through this recreation and decomposing I intend to understand what lies behind their surface, what's the generator that creates them; by which rules they are produced. The phenomena are brought back to a more or less understandable level, brought back to one persons perspective; safe in the grid / raster of a small world.

This results in installations consisting of multiple objects, video and drawing. My works are often repeated or looped to get a grip on the phenomenon they simulate. Drawing I use as an instrument; it's like writing for me. I draw ideas, and sometimes, along the process, they become part of an installation.

The works become separate worlds or spheres. A world where the rear side, or maybe even the dark side is also made visible. The work intends to have an open character, creating a funny but at the same time gloomy atmosphere. Showing barely visible meanings and layers of daily life.

Materials I use are articles of everyday use, adhesive tape, kit and threads to hold my reality together. It's fragile and seems to have functionality.

(From my essay "Art and attraction")
"Covered shopping centers must create a specific atmosphere. You have to feel safe there. Everybody is friendly. The architect designed the space to create a feeling of belonging together. A superficial feeling with no place for individuality. The atmosphere remains intact through security, heating, music, etc. Backstage there is the generator to control this climate."